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Zephaniah’s Promise Ranch is a 501(c)3, non-profit organization dedicated to providing free equine services to children located in and around the south-central area of the state of Washington. The ranch is located on a 20-acre parcel of land 6.5 miles east of Goldendale, Washington.
These activities will be conducted by volunteers that are knowledgeable about horses. Sessions will be approximately 1 hour long and will be conducted as weather permits. These activities will make up the majority of time spent on the ranch. Any costs associated with these activities will be paid for with donations received. No fees will be required for participation in the programs offered by the ranch.

In addition to running programs for individual children, the ranch will be made available to other youth organizations to schedule outdoor activities as part of their programs. Other youth organizations include summer youth camps, schools, community clubs, and church youth groups.
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Experiences for Children
Program participants will learn about horse history, anatomy, temperament, nutrition, and habitat. The goal is for children to understand how a horse thinks and why a horse acts the way it does.
Program participants will learn essential commands for ground work and, under the supervision of a horse trainer, riding. The goal is for children to respect the size and strength of the horse in a safe environment.
As part of the program, children will be responsible for washing, brushing, grooming, and feeding their session horse. The goal is for children to respect the horse as another of God’s creatures and to gain a sense of fulfillment and purpose by providing for the horse’s needs.
At the heart of Zephaniah’s Promise Ranch is a relationship between horse and child that is based on respect, trust, and responsibility. This relationship will be built by participation in programs that provide opportunities for the child to learn, interact, and care for a horse. Working one-on-one with a knowledgeable horse professional, sessions will be conducted to build and strengthen the horse-child relationship.
Experiences for Horses
Horses that will be used on the ranch will be obtained in a variety of ways. Some may be donated, some may be purchased, and some may be rescued. Rescuing horses will provide an opportunity for children to participate in helping a horse recover from injury, illness, starvation, neglect, or abuse. Rescued horses will be rehabilitated under the guidance of a qualified veterinary and with the assistance of the local county sheriff’s office. Some rescued horses showing the appropriate temperament will be used in learning, interacting, and caring sessions. Some will be re-homed at ranches and farms that demonstrate the ability and willingness to care for the horse. Some will remain on the ranch.
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